What is Snapshot?


Snapshot is a mobile camera and instant messaging service that allows people to earn Snap tokens through photograph rankings. Snap tokens represent a portion of our yearly revenue. Take pictures, earn cash.





Utilizing Ethereums capability for Dapps allows us to create tokens to be used as payment for our services while at the same time acting as an issuance of 35% of our yearly net earnings. Making your money work for you while enjoying what we have to offer.






You’ll never lose your pictures with Snapshot. Every photo you keep is tagged via a blockchain address in your account for retrieval on our servers. This immutable record also ensures fair play on our weekly photograph rankings.






 ICO: Time Left

Ethereum Funding Address


Funding for our initial coin offering is only available via Ethereum

The value of Ethereum will be locked to that of coinbase.com on July 30th at 1:00PM PDT. It will remain at this value for the duration of the offering.

Once the total amount of Ethereum deposited reaches 2,000,000USD in value no further funding will be accepted.

Granting we do not raise the maximum funding limit the Initial coin offerring wil time out on August 10th, 1:00PM PDT

Do not send Ethereum via exchanges. ERC 20 Snap tokens will be sent to the wallet investments are received from.



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